Myself and Others

GANGAN Lit-Mag #37


Mirko S. Božic | Jennifer Compton | Zdravka Evtimova | Charles Frederickson | Michaela A. Gabriel | Simon M. Jonas | Jonas Knutsson | Christopher Mulrooney (1956 – 2015) | Peter Murphy | Tanja Murray | Melissa Petrakis | Horst Lothar Renner | Ian C. Smith | Reinhold F. Stumpf | Lawrence Upton

The theme of this issue, Myself and Others, is as topical now as it was at the beginning of humankind, and we think it is worth taking a closer look at contemporary feelings and ideas on the subject. Readers can meet many selves – and even more others – in the fifteen contributions we have selected out of a veritable flood of submissions. We have no illusions that the collection is representative in a scholarly sense, yet we believe that the self-concepts and relations expressed in this international medley are highly stimulating and provide inspiring samples of possible as well as impossible dialogues with the world. Enjoy! – Gabriele Pötscher and Walter Hölbling, Graz and Tenerife

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