Disabilities and Diseases

Gangan Lit-Mag #45 in print

Gerald Ganglbauer (Hrsg): Disabilities and Diseases (bilingual). Gangan Verlag, Stattegg 2018, 68 Seiten, Paperback, 21 x 14,5 cm, ISBN 978-3-900530-95-2, € 7,90 | Verlag | Buchhandel | Web gangan.at


Issue #45 presents material, that relates in some way to life with a physical disability like a movement disorder or a chronic illness. The theme is close to my own skin, as I suffer from young onset Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is also somewhat the focus of this issue, which coincided with the World Parkinson Congress in Montreal. Gerald Ganglbauer, Stattegg-Ursprung

Gerburg Garmann | Kweminyi Humphrey | Stefan Weber | Brett Dionysius | Wilda M. Morris | Horst Lothar Renner | Uli Sajko | Kevin Simmonds | Charles F. Thielman | Allen Qing Yuan | Bonus Text von Gerald Ganglbauer: 1o Jahre Parkinson

In memory of  Stefan Weber
1946 – 2018

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